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Our Services

Peachcraft provides high quality laser cutting and engraving services focused on cost effective products and services for, small businesses, hobbyists, and makers.

We can laser materials up to a maximum size of 1000x800mm in:

  • MDF up to 8mm thick
  • Plywood and Bamboo up to 10mm thick
  • Acrylic and other plastics up to 8mm thick

About Peachcraft

PeachCraft came about from a love of crafting, beginning with stained glass many years ago and moving onto Mosaics. With each craft comes new tools and then new ideas and new passions.

PeachCraft now has a fully set up workshop that houses Cnc machines and a large laser machine. PeachCraft has a passion for all things wooden, from upcycling furniture using chalk paint and other assorted media to making frames for pictures and 3D carves. There is not a lot that we won't tackle striving to improve with each product made. PeachCraft can personalize items such as signs and is also able to engrave items with various slogans and sayings. We are not limited to wood however as there is also garden art which is generally made from aluminum and other steels. We are very approachable and happy to work with you to design and make things that you want.

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